Child Sexual Exploitation – BBC drama Three Girls

For professionals and anybody with an interest in safeguarding, the recently screened BBC drama ‘Three Girls’ was essential viewing. Child Sexual Exploitation has emerged as a significant child protection issue in recent years, albeit as this excellent series of programmes demonstrated, the problem has been festering for much longer. The story focuses on the scandal surrounding the sexual abuse of teenage girls in Rochdale – and the authorities’ initial failure to protect them. The investigation exposed the sexual grooming, mostly […]

Child Homicide – Disparity in Sentencing

We hear in the media of the conviction of Robert Hinz, aged 34 in relation to the murder in Bournemouth of his 3-month-old son Julien, when he was left alone with him for a very short time. Julien was found to have sustained a fractured skull, a brain injury and a number of fractured ribs. Hinz was sentenced to life imprisonment, to serve a minimum of 21 years. Only two weeks ago, Rosalin Baker and Jeffrey Wiltshire were convicted of […]

What gets in the way of professionals reporting abuse?

Occasionally there are instances where professionals will recognise instantly the need to refer a safeguarding concern, however it is our experience that there are many situations when the decision as to whether or not issues need to be addressed cause some consternation. All too often people wrestle with whether or not they will be doing the right thing – that they may be overreacting or worse still that they may be “wrong”. Occasionally professionals choose not to report suspected abuse […]