React to Concerns – Don’t rely wholly upon DBS results !

Last month saw the jailing of Brighton bus driver, Mark Spalding who pleaded guilty at Lewes Crown Court to sexually abuse against eight females whilst at work. Mr Spalding was described by a Detective who worked on the case as “a predatory sex offender who took advantage of his access to young women and vulnerable girls”. The case is a salient reminder that a DBS check is not a foolproof system. It is important for employers and colleagues to remain […]

Elder Abuse – Hate Crime?

Action on Elder Abuse is campaigning to make the abuse and neglect of older people a specific crime. The Association is calling for such crimes to be considered an aggravated offence with statutory minimum sentences for perpetrators in line with other ‘hate’ crimes. This would include physical, sexual, emotional and financial abuse as well as neglect. Analysis by Action on Elder Abuse found that in 2015/16 only 0.7% (3012) of the estimated 413,500 crimes against those over 65 in England […]

New Offence to Tackle Child Groomers

The government has introduced a new law this year to deal with groomers who target children through social media and mobile phones. The new offence of sexual communication with a child covers a gap in existing legislation to ensure better protection for children. Those found guilty face a term of imprisonment and automatic placement on the sex offenders register. In an age of social media and mobile phones, children are increasingly vulnerable to those who seek too exploit them. The […]