Sexual Communications with Children – Indecent Images of Children

On 3rd April a new law came into force under ‘Section 67 Serious Crime Act 2015’ which inserts a new offence into ‘Section 15A Sexual Offences Act 2003’ relating to sexual communication with a child. Any adult found guilty of this offence could face up to 2 years imprisonment and automatic inclusion on the sex offenders register. Until now those adults suspected of grooming a child could only face prosecution when they met with a child, with any preceding sexual […]

Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse

In the last month there have been significant developments in the ‘Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse’, led by professor Alexis Jay, beginning with the first public hearings into specific aspects of the inquiry. Following problems and setbacks resulting from the resignation of previous chairs of the inquiry and internal discord between senior staff resulting in further resignations, the inquiry should at last start to focus on the reason for which it was set up. Historic Child Sex Abuse Hopefully […]