Elder Abuse – Hate Crime?

Action on Elder Abuse is campaigning to make the abuse and neglect of older people a specific crime. The Association is calling for such crimes to be considered an aggravated offence with statutory minimum sentences for perpetrators in line with other ‘hate’ crimes. This would include physical, sexual, emotional and financial abuse as well as neglect.
Analysis by Action on Elder Abuse found that in 2015/16 only 0.7% (3012) of the estimated 413,500 crimes against those over 65 in England and Wales reached a successful criminal conviction. Other hate crimes such as homophobic, domestic abuse and disability offences had a significantly higher conviction rate.
There is also a call for offenders to be specifically labelled in a similar way to sex offenders, so that authorities such as the Police, Prison Service and Probation will be able to more easily identify and assess the risks posed by those who have previously targeted the elderly.
If you support this action, then Action on Elder Abuse ask that you sign an online petition to the Home Office by visiting Change.org or www.elderabuse.org.uk
At Safeguarding Strategies Ltd we understand the seriousness of abuse committed against elderly and vulnerable members of our communities. We have first-hand experience of investigating and prosecuting these abhorrent crimes. Our Safeguarding Vulnerable Adult Courses, as with our Safeguarding Children Courses aim to equip those professionals in all sectors who have contact with vulnerable groups, to identify the signs of abuse and take appropriate action. Please visit our courses page for more information.

Colin Welsh

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