On-line v Face to face Training

Over the past few years we have seen an explosion in companies offering e-learning packages and it is easy to see why at first glance these may seem attractive; but can such courses take the place of traditional style learning?

The answer as far as we at Safeguarding Strategies are concerned is an emphatic NO. How many employers who advocate such training methods as acceptable would be happy for their children to receive their education in this way? Or, how many of us would feel comfortable to know that our surgeon or pilot received crucial training via this delivery method?

It is our experience that only after having attended one of our courses do delegates understand why so great an emphasis is placed on safeguarding those who are vulnerable and how and why they are expected to get involved. All too often the subject is relegated to “tick the box” training, with employers failing to understand what safeguarding is really about and why inspecting bodies such as the CQC and Ofsted believe it to be so important.

Consider how most people learn and then question if sitting at one’s desk surrounded by distractions is an appropriate environment. It is often the case that those working through an e-learning course end up subconsciously “multi-tasking”. How much can you remember from your last e-learning course?

E-learning courses present rigid learning objectives whereas at Safeguarding Strategies our courses are bespoke; tailored to our clients’ specific needs. We remove extraneous information and focus on the topics that are relevant to you and your workplace. Discussion and the opportunity to think about the subject matter is key to ensuring that learning is retained and brought forward into the work place.

Finally it appears that very often e-learning is chosen over face to face courses because employers mistakenly assume that they will pay less. Our courses represent excellent value for money and often work out cheaper per head than many of the e-learning courses currently being offered on-line.

Debbie Carson

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