What is Safeguarding

There is a lot of talk about safeguarding these days but what does this term actually mean?  Safeguarding is more than the processes which are activated when abuse of the vulnerable is identified or suspected.  In essence it is a raft of measures implemented across all of the different agencies and organisations designed to keep those who are vulnerable, safe from harm and to allow them to thrive and enjoy a good quality of life.

There is a firm emphasis on employers to execute rigorous recruitment processes to ensure that, as far as is possible, those they employ do not pose a risk to any vulnerable group.  Their responsibilities do not end there however.  Identifying a Designated Lead, having a robust Safeguarding Policy and building a culture where staff are encouraged to be vigilant and take their responsibilities seriously are all very important.

For instance I am sure that we would all feel confident about referring a situation where we felt sure that abuse was taking place, but what about circumstances which are not so clear cut – where can you go to for advice? And, when are you allowed to share confidential information?  These and many other safeguarding conundrums are covered on the variety of courses run by Safeguarding Strategies Ltd.  Our trainers have all worked in the safeguarding arena and understand the dilemmas faced by  professionals.  Our bespoke courses are designed to leave delegates feeling confident and competent.  Call 0208 715 2049 to find out more about the courses we offer.

Debbie Carson

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